12 Modern Grey Kitchen Cabinets That Will Inspire And Delight You


When we talk about designing a modern kitchen or a contemporary kitchen, grey kitchen cabinets have particularly become a popular choice among people, especially those who are interior design enthusiasts in their homes. Black and White kitchens have been classic and are chosen by most people but grey kitchens have become a trend for quite a while and are liked by people. Grey kitchens have been in trend for a while because of their versatility. Grey Kitchen Cabinets Dubai are as versatile as black and white kitchen designs.

Grey is a very versatile color that is known to complement a wide range of design aesthetics, from minimalist to industrial, modern to rustic. It sets a neutral tone and brings a bold look to your kitchen. In some cases, it resonates and blends with the other parts and portions of your kitchen so easily that it looks like a delight to your eyes. 

Here are the 12 gorgeous modern grey kitchen cabinets Dubai that will inspire and delight you: 

Farmhouse Rustic Grey Kitchen Cabinets 

If you are someone who loves rustic looks and vintage feels, then this grey kitchen cabinet idea is a perfect match for you! A beautiful vintage kitchen with an amazing touch of farmhouse was created by adding the beautiful rustic grey kitchen cabinets. You have two different ways of adding grey cabinets to your kitchen, The first is to add Grey kitchen cabinets with glass in the middle of them to have the ultimate vintage design and the second is to add simple, rustic, fully-covered grey kitchen cabinets to showcase some classic rustic vibes in your kitchen. These rustic grey cabinets will look dreamy in your kitchen with a sunlight-facing window and will give the ultimate farmhouse vintage feel in the daylight and evening as well.  

Minimalist and Sleek Grey Cabinets

The less, the more. You must have heard of this often the fewer materials you use, the better anything looks. Extra stuffing or trying too hard ruins it and does not turn out in its best authentic self. If you are someone who loves a minimal approach to aesthetics yet is the perfect one, then this grey kitchen cabinet idea is for you! Just by adding the beautiful yet simple grey kitchen cabinets in your kitchen—white, black, or any color that compliments grey cabinets—you are going to transform the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen completely. Plane grey cabinets with a matte finish and beautiful clean lines are going to make your kitchen the next favorite place in your home for you to be. 

White and Grey Combination Cabinets

White and grey have been one of the classic combinations of all time. From the older times to the modern ones, many classic combinations have been constant throughout, and white and grey are one of those combinations that look chic and beautiful even to this date. You can have the combination of white and grey cabinets in three different ways based on whichever way you prefer the most. The first is simply having a cabinet designed with a fusion of grey and white. The second is having an alternative setting of cabinets in your kitchen, with one cabinet being white and the other being grey. If none of these exist, then you can opt for the third one, where you can choose the grey cabinet with a white design or pattern on it.  

Chic Grey Industrial Style Cabinets

If you are someone who likes the edgy, raw look of industrial design, then grey cabinets are definitely for you. You can choose grey cabinets with a matte finish to give them a similar look as the concrete in the industry. To add an industry-like touch to it, you can add some other accessories to your kitchen and you can even go for the dark grey matte finish cabinets that look like industrial settings. You can pair these grey kitchen cabinets with exposed brick walls, industrial wall clocks, and concrete-like countertops to make it look even more realistic and chic. 

Grey Kitchen Cabinets with Brass Hardware 

To add a touch of luxury to your kitchen, you can pair your grey kitchen cabinets with brass hardware. The golden yellow finish of brass will add a beautiful sense of sophistication to your kitchen, along with the grey kitchen cabinets. You can simply keep the other things in your kitchen very minimal and chic by letting the brass hardware stand out with the grey kitchen cabinets. The shade and finish of the grey kitchen cabinets will determine how fine this combination is going to look. If you choose a matte gray cabinet, it might look okay with the brass hardware, but if you go for cool hue-toned grey cabinets, then they will compliment the warm golden tone of brass perfectly, making your kitchen look traditional and beautiful. 

Grey Cabinets with a dark blue kitchen

You might have heard a lot of times that warm and cool tones complement each other but have you ever seen how beautifully cool tones can be paired up with each other? Sure, warm and cool tones complement each other but when two cool tones are paired up with each other, they look chic and royal. One such example is the combination of grey and dark blue. If you are someone who loves cool tones, then this pair is definitely for you. You can add chic grey cabinets to your dark blue kitchen, with most of the things being dark blue and the cabinets being grey. 

Black Granite Countertops With Grey Cabinets

You can set up a great combination that is one of the classic combinations of all time in your kitchen, the combination of black and grey. With a beautiful black granite countertop, you can have gray cabinets in your kitchen. These two colors, when combined in your kitchen, will surely give a chic and aesthetically appealing look to your kitchen, making it look luxurious. The best part about the black granite countertop is its beautiful looking chic display with the right amount of glossy look and one of the best materials for the kitchen countertop. When you pair up black with grey in your kitchen, like black countertops and grey cabinets, you will have a kitchen that is going to be worth working in.  

Grey Cabinets with a Pop of Color

Grey is counted as one of the coolest colors that can be contrasted with the warm tone colors and even with the cool tone colors, depending upon the shade of grey chosen by you. In this grey kitchen cabinet idea, we have brought something really interesting. If you are someone who loves splashes of color and likes to play with different shades of color, then this grey kitchen cabinet idea is for you. Adding different colors of furniture, hardware, and countertops to your kitchen with a gray kitchen cabinet is going to add different characters to the different portions of your kitchen. For instance, you can have dark blue colored hardware with a white granite countertop and some other colors added according to your preference while taking care of the combining factor of the colors with each other. 

Black and Grey Kitchen Cabinets

One of the most iconic combinations is the combination of black and grey. You can have this decent classic combination of black and grey in your kitchen cabinets in three different ways based on your preference. The first one is the way you can have an alternate pattern for your cabinet colors, where you can have one grey cabinet and the other one black, and so on. The second way is where you can simply choose the grey cabinet design with a sleek black colored pattern in it that can add character to your grey kitchen cabinets and the third way is that you can have a division of upper and lower cabinet colors; you can have grey kitchen cabinets in the upper portion and black kitchen cabinets in the lower one. 

Charcoal Grey Kitchen Cabinets 

Charcoal grey is one of the best shades of grey if you are someone who loves the chic and minimal look while still standing out in your kitchen space. The subtle art of this color not trying hard to stand out yet somehow managing to stand out is what makes it one of the best colors to have in your kitchen, as it is a shade of grey. You can pair up charcoal grey with the different colors in your kitchen; it best goes with white, red, and yellow and their different shades. Charcoal grey kitchen cabinets are going to look best if you have a white kitchen. But if there is any other shade of white, then too, you will have a kitchen that will end up making or receiving compliments about it. 

Grey Kitchen Cabinets with Bold Patterns 

While most people look for a minimalistic approach, there are still some who thrive on bold looks with patterns and different accessorizing approaches in different parts of their homes. If you are one of those who is looking for something bold and something that can stand out in your kitchen from the other parts of your home, then this grey kitchen cabinet idea is for you. Some grey kitchen cabinets Dubai come with bold patterns imprinted on them that make them stand out in the kitchen space. To make it look even more characterized and noticeable, you do not need to make much effort, as they are already designed in a way to stand out and define a part of luxury at the same time. 

Grey and Green Kitchen Cabinets 

While this may sound unusual and experimental to you, trust me, pairing gray with green is one of the best things that you can do for your kitchen design if you have a white base. Especially charcoal gray, when paired up with green, makes the most of the design in your kitchen. You can either have a setting for your kitchen in a way to have other things colored and combined with light green where the kitchen cabinets are grey or you can even have alternate cabinets like grey and green kitchen cabinets, with one being grey and the other being green and so on. Or you can have the upper portion of the cabinets gray and the lower ones green or vice versa. 


I hope that you enjoyed the combinations of grey kitchen cabinets in several different ways to make your kitchen look chic and luxurious. You can add some of your ideas with your vision or imagination for your kitchen if you wish to, as these are the top 12 grey kitchen cabinet ideas that I found the best for different types of approaches for people with different choices. If you are wondering about how, from who, and where to get your grey kitchen cabinets near you, then you can simply contact us to avail of our services, as we are the best Dubai carpenter services in Dubai. We provide the best carpentry services in Dubai with our best carpenters. 

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